Of gig, school babe and all that jazz


hm, how do i start this. Okay ( typical sentence starter ) , my friend and i decided to go to a gig last minute because we saw our childhood favorite band plays too. Actually it's Masdo's tour to introduce their new album but we got head over heels of Grey Sky Morning and Couple. Like that's our jam man back then, the songs i jam to when i started learning guitar which is when im 13,14? The gig is at The Bee, Publika and Oh My God the amount of human in there, pack sampai ada yang couldn't come in, we're literally rubbing each others body ( Haizat didn't like this idea, but i convinced him i'm solely there for the music. hehe sorry sayang )

ew excuse my face, we're sweating like a pig in there. ( literally couldn't breathe )

Bla bla bla fast forward, we got so hyped up macam woooooooo cinta gila, gila gila cinta. Of course i recorded them playing ( please bear with the shaky clips, because of course i was dancing like cray haha )

Yes, that was me screaming. The guys pushes us. I nearly die ( hehe kidding )

Grey Sky Morning

I wanted to upload more shaky clips but blogger didn't support any clip larger than 100MB ( hello? update please ) . Overall, it was a hectic day, i went to my friend's wedding, visit Aznira at Hospital, she gave birth ( i feel so old, my friend are mostly married and breeding haha ) and straight away went to gig right after. Productive and tiring day. wohoo



Mhmm yes, you read it right haha. I got hitched by Haizat the day after my birthday! Insane! Sort of the birthday present lah kan? It was 5/8/17 around 5 PM something that the rombongan came. It was a close and small ceremony between our close relatives and just my closest friend. Initially i didn't plan on inviting any friends but mom insisted so my friends would be able to share the joy together which is the reason why Ema, Fatin, Dee and Awin came. 

The ring

Me and my future bridesmaids

A New Beginning

Good Day Everyone,

First of all, i know blogging has now been kick out from the chart by a newly fresher way of sharing. Vlogging. The term blogger haven"t been as much popular as it is back then. We saw the term vlogger across social media, they even started vlogging at such young age! Well, as what happened to publishing industry, it's the similar vibe to blogging. ( is it? whatever. i think so )

As most of you guys dont know ( im not sure if people do read blog anymore, but ill just pretend someone's reading haha ) , the "wakemupyesterday" blog has been my blog ever since i'm 13?14? Wow that was 10 years ago. Well i used to blog my daily life back then, shared almost everything. Of course being teenager, i talked about my love life, friends, school routines, and sometimes i posts my song cover too.

Fast forward to 2017, i'm now 23. jobless. pointless. cashless.

I graduated from UiTM June this year. Finally the ever long awaited moment, being a degree holder. Initially i wanted to pursue my Master in Communication Warfare, i got in. However, i am currently struggling financially hence i decline my seat from doing Master. But i will pursue in future, that is like my ultimate goal, to finish my phd. I believe God got something sorted out for me as of now and all i had to do is pray and pray and pray.

In conjunction to my withdrawal from doing master, i have been looking for stuff/activities/anything that can literally help me kill time. Obviously i wont vlog, because like who will watch me blab about my daily routine anyway, my life isnt as interesting as others lol. Soooo, taraaaa im back blogging. Biarlah no one read pun, i just want to kill time whilst constantly job hunting.

Till later! Mwah x